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Welcome by
Pastor Samkutty Mathew

Pastor Samkutty Mathew and Family

Pastor Samkutty, Praise, Albin, Aksa

Welcome to the Eternal Life Church of God's website. I am glad you have chosen to spend a few moments looking around, discovering our church family.


A few words I would like to use to describe our church family would be ‘Loving’ and ‘God-fearing.

We are a group of people committed to following Jesus. That means we worship Him with vigor and joy, we draw closer to Him through prayer,  and we follow his commands by loving God and loving people through generosity, invitation, and compassion. Our hope is that all people will feel loved and welcomed at Eternal Life Church of God. And once here, we pray that people will meet God and as a result of meeting God, give their lives to Jesus Christ. We want that for you. Come as you are. 

If you are in the area, we would love for you to join us for worship services every Sunday morning at 10:30am. Get connected with a ministry and continue to grow in faith with us. If you are hungry for a touch from God and desire to grow closer to Jesus, We know you will be blessed and encouraged every time you join us!

May the Lord bless you!

About Our Pastor

Pastor Samkutty Mathew was born in Nilambur, Kerala, India, to Pr. M. V. Mathew and Mariama Mathew. From a young age, he had a passion for spiritual engagement and unwavering commitment to church activities.

Following his completion of secular education, at the age of 17, Pastor Samkutty Mathew received a Divine call for full-time ministry. He heeded this call and embarked on an enriching path of theological studies, immersing himself in Bible seminaries to expand his knowledge. Simultaneously, he pursued bachelor's and master's degrees in theology, both within Kerala and beyond. Currently, he is diligently working towards his Doctorate in Ministry [D.Min.]. Pastor Samkutty Mathew holds Pastoral Ordination from the IPC Kerala State Council in Kumbanad, Kerala, as well as Pastoral Ordination from the International Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee.

With over 26 years of experience in ministry, Pastor Samkutty Mathew has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to the Lord. He has served as a Registrar and teacher in various prestigious Bible colleges, while also assuming senior pastoral roles in numerous Pentecostal churches across India (Kerala, Bangalore, Goa, and Tamil Nadu) and the United States. Through his leadership, he has effectively shepherded souls from diverse states, languages, and cultures into the loving embrace of God's kingdom. Pastor Samkutty Mathew’s genuine heart and fervent desire to mentor and guide young individuals have allowed him to train and equip countless youngsters for effective ministry.

Pastor Samkutty Mathew is blessed with his wife, Praise Sam, who shares his unwavering commitment to serving the Lord in various capacities. Together, they nurture their two children, Aksa Sam and Albin Sam, who actively participate in diverse church activities while pursuing their college degrees.


In 2019, Pastor Samkutty Mathew took charge as the Senior Pastor of Eternal Life Church of God, and has been a useful vessel for the exponential growth of church, and in the Sacramento area. We are honored to have Pastor Samkutty Mathew leading our congregation, bringing profound wisdom, dedication, and an unwavering passion for spreading the message of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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