* Currently all events are being held online due to spread of corona virus

How to join the Meeting


1. Using the Zoom app, click on "Join a Meeting" button OR click on this link to join the Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/4914660607

2. Enter the Meeting ID: 491 466 0607

3. Please email us at " eternallifecog@gmail.com" for password. 


Sunday  Service

Sunday service is at 10am. Join us as we sings songs, study scripture, and celebrate our Savior.

Sunday Service - 10am - 12pm

Child Care Available


Sunday School  Service

Sunday School for Kids, youth and Adult

Sunday School Kids - 9:15am - 9:50am

Youth Bible Class - 9:15am - 9:50am

Adult Bible Study - 9:15am - 9:50am

Church Cross

Currently we are studying the book of Revelation. There is so much that scriptures teach us. Come and learn with us.

Bible Study: Fri 7:30 -9pm


Bible Study

1st Saturday

Fasting and Prayer Meeting

Come join us as we join together to pray for prayer matters of the church and our city.

Time :10am-12pm

Wednesday Prayer-Line

Online through Zoom


Image by Zac Durant